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  This site will present my past and current model works along with some overall illustrations of how and where I produce my designs.
  I realize this site may not be the hottest site on the web, but it's free and being built by a total newb designer.  The pictures are to be desired also, but feel free to write or IM me and I would happily send you better and/or alternate pictures showing how I accomplished any of the works I present.
  I'm also up for any critical feedback.  I'm aware I'm not an expert in any field and ready to learn and/or try something new.
  I hope you enjoy.

2005-04-05:  The Gouf construction phase is over...moving on to finishing. Whew!
2005-03-07:  The Gouf now has some arms to kick some arms to do damage with.  Chest is up next...then painting.  Think'g I won't start on the base until I've totally completed the whole MS first.
2005-02-22:  Arm construction for the Gouf was slow at first but steady now.  Setting more attention to the display stand also.
2005-01-27:  Gouf legs are finished...and heading on to the the arms next.
2005-01-17:  Gouf legs are given me a place to practice my panel-lining skills...its harder than it looks.
2005-01-06: Done with the backpack of the Gouf. No more scratching...the rest should be cake from here on out.
2004-12-15: Backpack for the Gouf is pretty much done.  Think it looks pretty good if I may say so.
2004-12-02:  After a long hiatus, I've returned to working on the backpack of the Gouf and it seems like progress is going well.
2004-09-10: The heads for the Gouf took way too long to do...but, then again...its the focal point...everybody looks at them at first.
2004-08-02: In the final stretch for the head of the Gouf.  I also took some overall shots of the project.
2004-07-19: Sometimes even the Gouf thinks with the little head.
2004-07-08: Some finished pics of the two guns...lots of scratch-building and refabbing to the Gouf arsenal.  Onto the big giant head MS.
2004-06-06: Worked the wrist gun, MPP-40 holder, and exterior of shields of the Gouf.

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